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Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed Towing

Many situations and circumstances call for a specific type of towing services. Because of the type of vehicle, the condition of the car or truck, or the value of the property, flatbed towing services may be required.

Specific Vehicle Types

Not all types of vehicle's can be transported using traditional towing methods. In situations where the vehicle is of a specific type, including motorcycles or all wheel drive vehicles, a flatbed may be necessary. We provide flatbed towing services.

Wrecked and Crashed Cars and Trucks

In some cases the condition of the vehicle may determine whether a flatbed is necessary. When a vehicle has been wrecked it may be undriveable and require a flatbed. By transporting the vehicle on a flatbed, there is no need for the vehicle to be operational.

High Value Property

If you're the owner of a vehicle that has been restored or altered you may not want your vehicle to be driven due to the miles that cause wear and tear on such a vehicle. Or, perhaps you have a very valuable or rare vehicle and would like to keep the mileage low. If any of these situations describe your circumstances don't hesitate to give us a call regarding your vehicle transporting needs. Our flatbed towing services allow us to transport your precious vehicle without increasing the wear and tear.

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